Interventional Medicine

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Interventional Medicine


Dr. Jonathan Kuo
Anesthiologist and Pain Medicine Specialist
Dr. Tanuj Paliva
Dr. Tanuj Palvia

Physical Medicine is the branch of medicine that emphasizes the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sports-related injuries and musculoskeletal conditions. Our physicians at Physio Logic are nerve, muscle and bone experts who specialize in conditions affecting how you move.
The role of the physical medicine team at Physio Logic is to:


  1. Diagnose and treat pain
  2. Restore maximum function lost through injury or disabling conditions
  3. Treat the whole person, not just the problem area
  4. Collaborate with other medical professionals
  5. Provide non-surgical treatments for pain management
  6. Explain your medical problems and treatment/prevention plan

Our physicians take the time needed to accurately pinpoint the source of an injury through various diagnostic tests. By providing an appropriate comprehensive treatment plan, our physical medicine team helps patients stay as active as possible at any age. Their broad medical expertise allows them to treat disabling injuries and conditions throughout a person’s lifetime.


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