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Private Pilates

Poor habits can be broken! Muscles are like clay — they can mold and change shape.

A little one-on-one time with a Physio Logic instructor can yield big benefits! Beginners will be introduced to the core principles of Pilates while an instructor assesses your goals, strengths, body-movement restrictions, and gait cycle. Notes between practitioners at PL are appropriately exchanged.

Want to bring a friend? We happily accommodate duets

Call our studio at 718.852.8349 or email us at to schedule your first lesson



Beginners special

We highly recommend that newcomers to Pilates take advantage of our two-class introductory package. You’ll receive a solid education in the basics while the instructor customizes a practice that’s precisely in line with your fitness and movement levels.

We can gear these lessons toward your long term studies of Pilates private lessons, group classes, or simply as a two lesson education for your body to take with you wherever you go.

Call our studio at 718.852.8349 or email us at to schedule your first lesson

About our instructor levels

You won’t find a more patient, fun-loving, versatile team of teachers anywhere! They come from all walks of life, and all over the country — and the world. However, they share a common goal: to provide clients with customized Pilates practices so they may to live healthier, happier, stronger, longer lives. Whatever the designated teaching level, each has a deep knowledge and understanding of anatomy and how the body works — and how it should work. The main difference lies in how long they’ve been teaching:


A senior-level teacher who also serves as a manager to Physio Logic employees. (Lynda Salerno Gehrman is director of Pilates; Jeanine Robotti is director of physical therapy).


A veteran teacher with at least 10 years experience overall and/or 6 with Physio Logic.


An experienced teacher who’s qualified to work with a client through a wide range of injuries.


A highly-skilled, specially-selected student from our studio’s highly-rated BASI Pilates program. (We only pick one or two stand-out trainees a year.)