Dr. Lola Omishore, PT, DPT, ATC

Dr. Lola Omishore, PT, DPT, ATC - Physical Therapist at Physio Logic in Downtown Brooklyn

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Dr. Lola Omishore earned her Bachelors degree in Athletic Training (ATC) at the University of Miami where she worked exclusively with Division I football, basketball, tennis and professional athletes for 3 years.

Upon completion of her Athletic Training degree, Lola went on to pursue a Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy (DPT) at the University of Miami School of Medicine, ranked amongst the top 10 Physical Therapy schools in the nation.

After obtaining her doctorate, Lola has gone on to work in the field of sports, pediatrics, orthopedics, geriatrics, and neurology based rehab in various clinical settings over the past 3 years. She has also been published as an author in the “Journal of Aquatic Physical Therapy” after conducting a research study on the effects of aquatic therapy on stroke patients.

Since graduating, Dr. Lola aspires to obtain her specialty certification in manual physical therapy, become a provider for Active Release Technique, and eventually opening a specialized gym for young children and adolescents.

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