Monthly Archives: February 2017

Dr. Erin Weber, DPT is one of Physio Logic’s most experienced and knowledgeable physical therapists specializing in pelvic floor therapy. She has helped many women with issues ranging from painful sexual intercourse, urinary incontinence, mothers who have just given birth, and many other issues related to the pelvic floor. Recently, a product known as the Jade […]

Evening Meditation with Julie Graham Thursday February 16th 2017 @ 8PM – 8:30PM $10/person or $5/person when you bring a friend! As part of our FRESH 6 Month Workshop Series, February is focused on the letter “R” for relaxation. Stress is a real threat. In fact, 3 out of 4 doctor’s visits are due to […]

Licensed massage therapist, Stephen Donnelly, examines the relationship between people and technology, and the new problems that arise from poor posture while using technology. Can massage therapy be a solution to poor posture? How exactly does massage therapy work to combat poor posture? This article intends to answer these questions. Technology. It’s everywhere. Whether sitting […]