About Us

Originally located at 163 Remsen Street in Brooklyn, The Heights Chiropractic & Rehabilitation office was founded in April 2002 by Dr. Rudy Gehrman. As the sole practitioner of The Heights Chiropractic & Rehabilitationit was Dr. Gehrman’s dream to assemble a team of like-minded professionals to provide a fully integrated wellness experience for his patients.

Dr. Gehrman was introduced to the merits of Pilates after meeting his future wife, Lynda Salerno, a dancer and Pilates instructor. Dr. Gehrman observed a noticeable difference with his patients when he referred them to Lynda’s Pilates instruction. Together, they were able to improve the care of their patients.

In 2005, Lynda Salerno Gehrman started Avellyn Pilates, Inc., in Dr. Gehrman’s then 900 sq. ft. office in Brooklyn with three pieces of Pilates equipment.

By June of 2006, she acquired a different space behind Dr. Gehrman’s office, as well as a boutique studio on Park Avenue in Manhattan. In 2009, Avellyn Pilates began a cherished partnership with Body Arts Science International (BASI) as the NYC teacher training host center.

In an attempt to further combine these two disciplines and expand Dr. Gehrman’s chiropractic practice, he and Jeanine Robotti, physical therapist and Pilates instructor at the Avellyn Pilates studio, discussed the idea of developing a Pilates-based physical therapy program within his practice. By early 2010, Jeanine became Dr. Gerhman’s partner and physical therapy was added to the practice. The Avellyn Pilates studio and the chiropractic/PT clinic spaces were combined to accommodate all their clients.

They named their joint venture “Physio Logic.”

Physio Logic Chiropractic and Physical Therapy quickly outgrew their space, leading to multiple renovations. In 2012, to accommodate their growing practice, they moved out of the combined space to 157 Remsen Street, allowing Lynda to enlarge her Brooklyn studio.

In fulfillment of Dr. Gehrman’s dream to become an integrated wellness facility, acupuncture, massage therapy and clinical nutrition were added. To complete this suite of wellness offerings, a medical partnership was established creating the cutting edge practice now known as Physio Logic Rehabilitation and Physio Logic Medicine, in direct collaboration with Physio Logic Pilates & Movement.

They are blessed to have a family of practitioners who respect and value each other’s insights. This synergy brings unique benefits to their patients and students by providing a unified vision toward health and wellness.

Physio Logic has recently relocated to a new 6000 square foot facility above Shake Shack at 409 Fulton Street in Brooklyn. This location boasts beautiful New York architecture and views accented with natural light. It is the culmination of years of dedication and hard work and will truly be an epicenter of health and wellness.

Physio Logic Team Photo