23Jul 2019
myofascial release in brooklyn ny

By: Dr. Michael Vanchieri, DC. Myofascial Release is a safe and effective treatment that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into the myofascial connective tissue restrictions to alleviate pain and restore range of motion. Myofascial restrictions can be caused by trauma, inflammatory response, or surgical procedures. We’ll talk more about myofascial release but first, let’s talk […]

12Mar 2019
Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

By: Dr. Stephen Szaro, DC Changes to the Mothers Body The Case for Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy The most obvious physical changes that are likely to affect the spine will begin to occur during the second trimester. As the uterus grows to accommodate the fetus, the lumbar curve of the spine will increase to account […]

11Feb 2019
Decompression Therapy at Physio Logic

Physio Logic’s Head Chiropractor, Dr. Stephen Szaro describes how Decompression Therapy is used to treat a variety of Spinal Disc Conditions. The intervertebral discs (IVD’s), or spinal discs, are situated between each vertebrae of the spinal column. The IVD is a fibrocartilaginous cushion serving as the spine’s shock-absorbing system and assists with fluid motion of […]

15Jan 2019
What to look for in a chiropractor near me.

Finding a skilled and professional chiropractor may seem like a daunting task. Everyone you ask will most certainly have their own opinions and searching “chiropractor near me” may lead to a plethora of online reviews by strangers. How do you choose? Physio Logic Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Vanchieri, DC, breaks down 5 things to look for […]

03Jan 2019

Why should you learn how to improve your posture? In this article, Physio Logic Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Vanchieri, DC, discusses the importance of improving your posture to prevent injury through strength training, proper breathing, and more. Tissue damage largely comes from three sources: overuse, underuse and acute injury. In the case of poor posture, overuse […]

20Nov 2018

The Chiropractic profession has changed immensely since D.D. Palmer founded the profession by restoring Harvey Lillard’s hearing with an adjustment.  Long gone are the days in which Chiropractors believe that all diseases are a result of spinal misalignment and in are the days of the modern, evidence-based Chiropractic care. Unfortunately, much of the public’s perception […]

06Nov 2018
Back Pain Causes, Facts, and Statistics -

Although doctors of chiropractic treat more than just back pain, many patients initially visit a chiropractor looking for relief from this pervasive condition. In fact, about 31 million Americans experience low back pain at any given time. In this article, Physio Logic Head Chiropractor, Dr. Stephen Szaro, DC, covers common causes, facts, and statistics of […]

21Aug 2018
Mechanical Traction and Decompression - Mechanical Traction and Decompression Therapy for the Spine |

Mechanical traction therapy (or nonsurgical spinal decompression therapy) is a popular conservative treatment option for patients with low back and neck pain. Physio Logic Chiropractor, Dr. Mike Distler answers common questions regarding the treatment.  Is there a difference between traction therapy and decompression therapy? The terms are used interchangeably, but traction and decompression are not descriptive terms for varying amounts […]