09May 2019

By: Michelle Miller, Clinical Nutritionist & Rachel Naar, Registered Dietitian Healthy bones are important to our bodies because our bones support us and allow us to move. They protect our brain, heart, and other organs from injury. The body needs vitamin D, calcium, and a wide variety of other important vitamins and nutrients (including regular […]

29Apr 2019
How to Detect and Manage Histamine Intolerance | Clinical Nutrition at Physio Logic NYC in Brooklyn, NY |

By: Rachel Naar, Registered Dietitian Flushing? Hives? Short of Breath? You may feel like it’s your run of the mill allergic reaction, but histamine intolerance can cause a wide variety of symptoms mimicking that of an allergic reaction, when it’s actually a food intolerance. Let’s first take a second to explain the differences, and then […]

19Mar 2019
5 Foods That Help You Sleep

Many studies in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that eating less fiber (from fruits, vegetables, 100% whole grains, and legumes) more saturated fat (from red meat, animal proteins, and cheese), and more added sugar (in processed foods) is associated with lighter, less restorative, and more disrupted sleep. Even a single day of greater […]

26Feb 2019
Nutritionists vs Dietitians

As the fields of nutrition and wellness grow, it’s more important now than ever to be sure you’re seeing qualified health practitioners. The education, requirements, and specialties of nutritionists vs dietitians are nuanced, as is a health coach vs nutritionist and so on. From RDs to NDs, Physio Logic’s Clinical Nutritionist, Michelle Miller, MSACN; and Diana […]

19Feb 2019
Too much salt and sodium can be bad for your health.

Below, Physio Logic’s Clinical Nutritionist, Michelle Miller, MSACN; and Nutritional Educator & Registered Dietitian, Rachel Naar, RD, shake out some facts to learn about sodium, why we should limit it, and some healthful alternatives to promote heart health. What is sodium anyways? Sodium is a mineral found naturally in foods (celery, beets) and is the major part […]

09Jan 2019
Foods that reduce inflammation.

Current research advocates for good overall nutrition to help enhance the body’s immune system and provide the necessary antioxidants to reduce the inflammatory stressors. Below, Physio Logic’s Clinical Nutritionist, Michelle Miller, MSACN; and Nutritional Educator & Registered Dietitian, Rachel Naar, RD, identify some quick tips and tricks to reduce inflammation. 1. Fruits and Vegetables Allow […]

27Dec 2018

The holiday season can be a challenging time of year to stay healthy. Many gatherings, parties and happy hours include foods high in refined sugar, a plethora of alcohol without a veggie in sight. If you’re hosting or attending a holiday party, challenge yourself to bring or make something healthy and flavorful. Physio Logic’s Clinical […]