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Exercise as Medicine - FRESH Med at Physio Logic
Exercise as Medicine
Thursday March 2nd 2017
@ 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

What you’ll learn:

  •   Analyze your true vs. ideal body weight and composition, beyond your BMI
  •   Learn how to “Tone up and Tune Up”
  •   Re-define Exercise and Movement
  •   Discuss why everyone should be exercising, and explore yoga and Pilates
  •   Find tools to optimize and track your exercise

Exercise: Just move—it’s good for the body, mind and spirit! Setting realistic fitness goals by finding things you enjoy doing is the key to long lasting results. The FRESH model will help you set realistic fitness goals for longer lasting results.

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Thursday February 2nd 2017 – Relaxation as Medicine Workshop
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April 2017 – Sleep as Medicine Workshop
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May 2017 – Happiness as Medicine Workshop
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June 2017 – All Things FRESH Workshop
A full recap of all you learned, with rewards for engagement. A final survey will measure all your changes and successes and offer you the feedback you need to continue with your FRESH goals for the rest of the year and beyond.
Date TBA. To register ahead of time, call us at 718.260.1000 or email

FRESH MED presents: Exercise as Medicine Workshop

409 Fulton Street, 2nd Floor

New York