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What would you do if you were out of pain and felt 10 years younger?



Physio Logic is offering the exciting power of regenerative medicine to heal your body so that you can return to the life and activities you love!

  • Long term relief from joint pain, arthritis, and neuropathy
  • Under 30 minute procedure with minimal pain
  • Extremely safe and effective

Our protocol eliminates the risk of rejection of side effects while providing an incredible healing force in your body. Over the span of a few months your body will repair and re-grow cartilage, ligaments, and tissues, reducing inflammation and eliminating nerve pain. The simple procedure can have an incredible impact on function and restore you to a pain-free life.

Join Us For Our Free Stem Cell Seminar!
Wednesday April 20th @ 6:30 PM
Space is limited to 20 people.
Register today to reserve your spot!

Call 718.260.1000 ext. 10
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We are excited to talk about the results we are seeing with our patients, and more importantly, how our patients have returned to enjoying the activities they love! Our patients have been able to return to golfing, running, traveling, and spending quality time with their families.

We would love for you or your loved ones to experience the same benefits. Space is limited to just 20 people for the seminar, so make sure you register today! You are encouraged to bring anyone that you feel may benefit from stem cells.
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