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Help Your Diabetes Workshop at Physio Logic Brooklyn Heights


Tuesday December 15th 2015
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

With Dr. Robert E. Graham, MD, MPH, ABOIM, FACP
409 Fulton Street, 2nd Floor (Entrance on Willoughby Street)
Brooklyn, NY 11201



Finally, a medical doctor who wants to help you get off your medications.
This free workshop presented by Dr. Robert E. Graham, MD, MPH, ABOIM, FACP will cover the most effective ways to treat Diabetes, and how to prevent a number of future conditions caused by Diabetes.
If you are tired of taking medications for your Diabetes, live in fear of complications like kidney problems (leading to Dialysis), heart problems (leading to heart failure), vision problems (leading to blindness), and neuropathy (leading to amputation), then you’ll benefit greatly from Dr. Graham’s natural Diabetes program.
You’ll learn:

  • Proven methods for reversing Diabetes
  • How to lose lots of weight without exercise
  • How to reduce & eliminate dependence on medications
  • How to explode your energy & sex drive
  • How to become clinically Non-Diabetic

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