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Edible Manhattan - 08/16/2018

Bridging the boundary between food and medicine Dr. Robert Graham recently completed more than 600-hours of culinary education at the Natural Gourmet Institute.

Men's Health - 08/15/2018

If you're having trouble down there, you might want to consider a targeted workout. - 08/14/2018

Busy Philipps did research on her own and decided to try a low-histamine diet, which Robert Graham, M.D., a food medicine specialist, often uses to treat his patients.

Food Tank - 08/10/2018

Robert Graham, MD, has been an outspoken advocate of emphasizing disease prevention over treatment via food and lifestyle interventions.

SHAPE - 07/25/2018

“Prolonged sitting at a desk not only shortens your hip flexors, but also weakens the antagonist muscle group, your hip extensors or glutes,” explains Jeanine Robotti, physical therapist, clinic director, and Pilates instructor at Physio Logic in New York City.

Women's Health - 07/02/2018

Foam rolling has been shown to improve range of motion, decrease neuromuscular exhaustion, and decrease post-exercise soreness.

elite daily - 06/21/2018

Yoga sessions can be just as tiring as an hour of lifting weights or running sprints, and by the end of it, you’re probably thinking hard about what to eat after yoga.

newsy - 06/11/2018

From dietitians on staff at grocery stores to a new conference all about nutrition, more doctors are considering writing an RX for healthy food.

Reformer - 06/24/2018

Dr. Robert Graham and nearly 100 other wellness specialists joined several thousand people over the weekend at the Wanderlust Festival at Stratton Mountain Resort.

Men's Health - 06/06/2018

There's nothing tough about skipping out on the general health and movement benefits you can gain through Pilates.