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ABC - 09/30/2018

Physio Logic NYC is a holistic healthcare approach to treating the whole body and relying less on medication.

Men's Health - 09/26/2018

For better gains, get more zzz's. - 09/26/2018

A few tweaks to your running routine can make a huge difference.

Men's Health - 09/20/2018

Exercise and sleep are closely related -- but you might be surprised exactly how they're intertwined. - 09/13/2018

While training for a marathon, your feet take a major pounding. Many runners forget about their feet in their strengthening and stretching programs, but as every runner knows, those feet will make some noise when there is a problem.

Men's Health - 09/13/2018

Are you working out your peroneals enough? Do you even know where they are?

Energy Times - 09/12/2018

Here’s how to reduce discomfort so you can get the most out of your workouts.

Grok Nation - 09/10/2018

Certified Health Coach Julie Graham explains how you can manage stress with a simple beginning-of-the-week trick

oxygen - 08/21/2018

If you never take a break from your regular exercise routine — whether it be lifting, cycling, rowing or running — mixing things up is worth your consideration. Pilates, which was originally created in the 1920s to rehabilitate injured World War I soldiers, is touted as a cross-training dream.

Edible Manhattan - 08/16/2018

Bridging the boundary between food and medicine Dr. Robert Graham recently completed more than 600-hours of culinary education at the Natural Gourmet Institute.