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SHAPE - 06/03/2018

Once an alternative treatment, acupuncture is moving into mainstream medicine, with research showing that it eases everything from stress to allergies to pain. Learn the latest on this powerful healing technique. - 05/15/2018

“I don’t want to control. I want to let go,” are lyrics by the artist Pink, who I recently marveled at in concert. She learned technical aerial dance as an adult and can now literally fly over the audience at Madison Square Garden, which shows that being disciplined takes hard work, and freedom is the outcome. - April 8, 2018

I loved my dad’s hands. They were soft and always warm, no matter how cold it was outside. As a kid, I would hold his hand every chance I got. On a sunny Tuesday just before Thanksgiving last year, surrounded by my mom, four siblings, and several life-saving machines, I held my dad’s hand as it went cold for the first and last time.

CBS - May 4, 2018

Studies have shown how important diet is to good health. Now more and more doctors are using a fresh approach to treatment, Laura Podesta reports (1:59). WCCO 4 News At Noon.

Elite Daily - April 5, 2018

Dr. Robert Graham, M.D., of FRESH Med at Physio Logic NYC, tells Elite Daily that some ancient medicinal belief systems, such as traditional Chinese medicine, and the Ayurvedic way of living, suggest “you should chew your food 25 times” per bite. Now, that might sound a little excessive, and maybe even tedious, but when you consider the physical benefits you’ll reap by slowing down and actually eating, rather than inhaling your food, it’s not a bad idea. That, and 25 chews per each and every bite will force you to actually take in the meal. - March 20, 2018

According to Dr. Rachel Tavel, a physical therapist and gait specialist at the Brooklyn-based Physio Logic, no one walk or walker is the same. "Along with differences in height, weight, fitness level, and general health and body type, there are different types of walkers (and runners). Why? Because different styles make sense for different body types," she told mbg. - February 14, 2018

Manuka honey, a honey produced in New Zealand, has many health benefits—including antibacterial qualities that help heal wounds and treat infections, experts say.

Well + Good - 1/31/2018

In this Well + Good article on Pilates and Yoga, Lynda Gehrman, founder of Physio Logic Pilates & Movement, weighs in on the benefits of the Pilates exercise method in bringing balance to all of your major muscle groups by working the smaller muscle groups that help support your bigger muscle groups.

Greatist - 1/18/2018

Dr. Robert Graham of FRESH Med NYC at Physio Logic, reveals the scam behind the "raw water" trend in this Greatist article.

Weight Watchers - 12/10/2017

Our founder of Physio Logic Pilates & Movement, Lynda Gehrman, gets quoted in this Weight Watchers article discussing the benefits of the Pilates practice and working out with Pilates specific equipment.