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Greatist - 1/18/2018

Dr. Robert Graham of FRESH Med NYC at Physio Logic, reveals the scam behind the "raw water" trend in this Greatist article.

Weight Watchers - 12/10/2017

Our founder of Physio Logic Pilates & Movement, Lynda Gehrman, gets quoted in this Weight Watchers article discussing the benefits of the Pilates practice and working out with Pilates specific equipment.

Everyday Health - 12/7/2017

Our FRESH Med founder, Internist and Integrative Medicine Specialist at Physio Logic, Dr. Robert Graham gets quoted in this EverydayHealth article discussing diet and lifestyle tips to keep blood sugar steady when exercising. - November 3, 2017 features an article by Physio Logic Pilates & Movement founder Lynda Salerno, on how Pilates can make you a better runner and help to avoid injuries.

Elite Daily - November 1, 2017

Dr. Robert Graham of FRESH Med NYC at Physio Logic debunks some common myths about going vegan that sound believable, but are totally false.

Inc. - October 4, 2017

Physio Logic Physical Therapist, Dr. Rachel Tavel, describes how entrepeneurial women are choosing workouts that build both inner and outer strength to have the mind and body working in harmony to accomplish their career goals.

Nylon - September 25, 2017

Physio Logic Clinical Nutritionist, Michelle Miller, is quoted in a discussion about the benefits of nutritional products created to enhance beauty.

Inc. - October 4, 2017

Dr. Rachel Tavel, a physical therapist at Physio Logic, is quoted in an article about how women are using mind-body techniques to build self confidence. She emphasizes how these techniques boost a connection to one's goals.

Shape Magazine - October 12, 2017

Fresh Med NYC co-founder, Dr. Robert Graham, is quoted in this Shape Magazine article about the impact of fad dieting on your long term health. Dr. Graham discusses how different diets can affect your nutritional intake and metabolism. Abs Article - September 5th 2017

Physio Logic's Pilates Studio Director, Lynda Salerno Gehrman, is quoted in this month's article feature in