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We offer Group Reformer and Mat classes in an intimate, non-intimidating environment for a maximum of 5 students at a time in most classes. This ensures both personal attention and your safety.

A prerequisite of at least 10 private lessons and/or Beginner level group classes (Core Foundations / Reformer Core), in any combination, are required before participating in any level 2+ class.

We reserve the right to waive or extend this prerequisite upon discussion between the student and a senior level instructor.


Getting Started

We highly recommend that newcomers to Pilates take advantage of our two private lessons introductory package. You’ll receive a solid education in the basics while the instructor customizes a practice that’s precisely in line with your fitness and movement levels.

We can gear these lessons toward your long term studies of Pilates private lessons, group classes, or simply as a two lesson education for your body to take with you wherever you go.

We also offer an introductory rate for your first group class 10-pack – please refer to our Price Menu for details,


Pilates group class schedule

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Group Classes Descriptions

  1. Core Foundations (Beginner | Mat)
    Everyone’s welcome, whether you’re a Pilates first-timer, recovering from an injury, or looking to review the basic principles and fine-tune your practice. Become a Pilates master — or simply a master of you — by identifying your true core (hint: it’s not just your abs). You’ll love the results: better posture and awareness of breath, increased strength, flexibility and endurance, even enhanced mental awareness. Note: This is the perfect forum to ask questions and discover all the little details that make Pilates such a popular and effective fitness regimen.

  2. Reformer Core (Beginner | Reformer)
    There’s a reason the reformer’s been around for more than 100 years: because it kicks some serious butt — arms, abs and legs too! This genius apparatus uses a sliding carriage, springs, straps and more to work all the muscle groups and spine through flexion, extension, side bending and rotation, all while supporting each student’s individual strength level and range of motion. In this class, you’ll review Pilates basics while progressing to set routines, variations and modifications, a necessary base for faster paced classes. Give us 55 minutes, and you’ll leave the studio on a Pilates high, feeling taller, stronger, more confident and super energized!

  3. Unwind/Rewind (Intermediate | Mat/Reformer)

    Because we’re all a little twisted! Come unwind your body and mind while taking your core Pilates foundations to the next level and building stamina in this moderately-paced intermediate class. Your physical alignment takes a daily beating, spending too much time in one position or repeating the same movements; this class will straighten out the tangled spine as you work out on your back, front and side, rewinding your arms, abs, butt, thighs, calves — and even your toes — with your new-found strength.

  4. Reformer Jump (Intermediate | Reformer)

    Get set to sweat! This moderately-paced class mixes low-impact jump intervals with classic reformer routines, engaging both the body and mind as the heart rate races. It’s also ridiculously fun! Because of the reformer’s gravity-defying spring tension, jump-boarding feels like you’re bouncing on a trampoline on the moon…while on your back. Yep, this is one exercise class you’ll mostly take lying down! But don’t take that the wrong way: You’ll torch tons of calories during this legs-and-ab-a-licious workout!

  5. Get Technical (Advanced | Reformer)

    So you’ve got the Pilates principles down pat, and a decent knowledge of reformer repertoire — now what? It’s time to graduate to an advanced technical level and faster pace, with the goals of building strength and pushing the limits of your range of motion. Applying all of the Pilates principles to advanced repertoire, we’ll help you to transition with grace — or at least, tell you to. (Remember, benefits lie in the process!) Please come experienced in Pilates and with an understanding of your necessary modifications.

  6. Get Physical (Advanced | Reformer)

    Kick it up a notch in this challenging, faster-paced workout. This class blends the intermediate repertoire with athletic training. Come prepared to sweat, as you apply Pilates principles to traditional exercises, building strength, core-and everything else! Let’s:)

  7. BYBB Bring Your Baby Bump (Pre-Natal| Reformer)

    Move your body safely in a class designed specifically for mommas in the making. Maintain and strengthen your pelvic floor, TVA, hamstrings, glutes, and arms to prepare your body for labor and beyond. This class is appropriate for all trimesters.

  8. BYOB Bring Your Own Baby (Post-Natal | Mat)

    Bring your own baby! This class is great for postpartum moms but dads can jump on in too. Strap your baby into their carrier and get moving again. We will address new mom’s bodies by working on getting those abdominal and pelvic floor muscles back, strengthening the back and stretching out tight areas.

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