Barbara Sampson

Pilates Instructor

Barbara Sampson is a master Pilates educator, specializing in the art of movement for the past twenty years. She started educating clients and teachers in Boston, while owning her own studio, All About Movement, which was one of the first Pilates-Yoga studios in Massachusetts.

Having studied with Romana Kryzanowska and Mary Bowen for her Pilates education, she found her way to yoga, studying with David Swenson and Barron Baptiste. She also studied Alexander Technique, which she incorporates into her movement classes.

Barbara, moved to NYC to become the director of education for the PhysicalMind Institute, an international Pilates certification organization. While with the PMI, she traveled to Germany, Canada, England, Brazil and across the United States training Pilates instructors. She was responsible for writing and overseeing all the the academic materials for teacher training at the PMI.

Barbara has certified hundreds of Pilates instructors and appears in the Standing Pilates book, which she helped write and edit.