Jo Martinez

Miami native Jo Martinez’s background is originally in bodywork. She acquired a passion for the healing arts at an early age, when she was introduced to therapeutic massage. Well versed in both Western and Eastern modalities which include disciplines such as Deep tissue/Myofascial release, Lomi Lomi, Thai Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, and Aromatherapy. Her approach focuses on incorporating the body’s soft tissue with the body’s mental and energetic fields. Upon moving to NYC, Jo found a new passion in Pilates. Discovering the strong mind and body connection in Pilates is initially what inspired her to train and eventually pursue a career as an instructor. This led her to earn her Apparatus and Mat Certifications. Her practice can be described as challenging yet soothing. She likes to combine a thorough, difficult session with a restorative touch. She’s big on tactile cues/adjustments and enjoys blending fitness with therapeutic fundamentals. Now based in Brooklyn, New York Jo continues to be inspired by various forms of movement therapies and functional training and combining them in unison.