Julie Olival

Pilates Instructor

Julie is a Brooklyn based Dancer, Choreographer, and Somatic Movement Educator. She discovered Pilates along her dance path and immediately noticed an increase in stability and strength in her own practice. She became infinitely captivated with bio-mechanics and movement efficiency, noticing that when mindfully applied, clients find more ease and balance in their bodies. Pilates also served her incredibly well during her pregnancy and post-partum life. She looks forward to helping clients both new or experienced with Pilates transform their approach to movement.


Julie holds an MFA in dance, is a certified Yoga and Meditation instructor, and is Pilates Mat and Apparatus certified through Kinected Center in NYC. She is a lifelong learner. When not doing Pilates, Yoga, or Dance Julie can be seen riding her bike around Brooklyn or playing with her daughter, Zoe.