Leola Bermanzohn

Pilates Instructor

As a Brooklyn-raised artist, pilates found me when the challenge of painting murals began taxing my body. Dance & yoga already dominated my free time, but didn’t seem to fix me where I needed it. My PT friend prescribed pilates mat for therapy and it opened the fascinating doorway to mind-body mathematical corrections. Hooked immediately, I decided to get teaching certified in mat by the amazingly talented Teri Steele in 2009. At the time a high school teaching artist, they allowed me to add pilates to their phys-ed roster. My instructor skills transferred naturally and leveled up my game, making people stronger and more aligned. It was then I knew I needed to pursue this full time & studied a fitness approach to machines at the Lab. To this day, I am honored and love teaching/helping people grow into their bodies for a better functional life.