Miguel Fidalgo

Miguel Fidalgo Rehab Technician at Physio Logic in Downtown Brooklyn

With a background in emergency room nursing in Europe, Miguel Fidalgo’s comprehensive knowledge and hands on experience with the human body lends itself to his approach to physical wellness.

Miguel graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the Escola Superior de Saude de Leiria in Portugal. He now devotes his career to Physical and Sports Therapy with an Associates Degree in Physical Therapy Assistance.

Miguel has earned special training in sports trauma, taping, and recovery massage from postgraduate courses. He has an in depth knowledge of implementing specific therapy sessions for clients based on individual needs using muscle and soft tissue manipulation techniques to promote mobility and manage pain.

Miguel’s patient base ranges from children to the elderly and has experience working with athletes. His work with trauma patients fuels his commitment to continuously learn and implement innovative techniques that contribute to patient wellness and quality of life.

In his free time he loves to do all kinds of sports including biking and spearfishing.