Breathe NYC presents: Sunday Breath Church

Sunday Breath Church is the start of something brand new… and you have got to breathe it to believe it. One Super Sunday a month, Sage Rader serves up a heaping helping of electric breath and violin beats to soothe your very soul.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is more than a current wellness trend. Used by elite military, athletes, and Fortune 100 CEOs, breathwork allows us to consciously change our breathing patterns to change our brain and body state.

Every human mood and thought pattern has a corresponding breathing pattern. Over time our thoughts can affect our breathing in ways that are not helpful to our bodies. By working on the most primal parts of the brain, Breathwork allows us to release old thoughts and patterns from our lives, leaving space for the size of the life we say we want to live.

Who are we?

We are a non-religious, conscious community of people seeking genuine connection through a lifestyle of breath-based wellness. We believe that unconditional belonging is the touchstone of communal healing… and that we all need a little extra healing these days.

Join us and let’s breathe better together!

Welcome to The Congregation