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Physical Therapy NYC

Physical Therapy at Physio Logic is performed one-on-one by Pilates trained, NYS licensed Doctors of Physical Therapy.

Meet with a Physical Therapist to discuss the following treatments:

  • One-On-One Treatment Sessions
  • Conventional Progressive Rehabilitation
  • Pilates-Based Physical Therapy
  • Unique Integrated Approach

Physical Therapy Services

At Physio Logic, we believe in empowering our patients to achieve optimal health and well-being. That’s why we offer a multifaceted approach combining traditional Physical Therapy, Pilates, and manual therapy for maximum relief from a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions. Our physical therapists in NYC are supported by an integrated team including chiropractors, an interventional pain management physician with Regenexx training, a clinical nutritionist, and a functional medicine doctor to ensure that each patient gets personalized care tailored to their needs!


Physical Therapy for rehabilitation

A Physiologic PT offers unique rehabilitative therapies such as Pelvic Floor Therapy for pelvic dysfunctions, Prenatal and Postpartum Care for diastasis rectus abdominis, and Vestibular Rehabilitation for the treatment of vertigo and vestibulopathy.  Our physical therapists are also an integral part of the rehabilitative process after regenerative procedures performed in our clinic, such as PRP and stem cell treatments.


Balance NYC | Physical Therapy Brooklyn

Our approach to your body is focused on the whole, rather than just the part. We look beyond symptoms and treat their cause, helping you build strength so that aches, pains, and degeneration don’t hold you back from everyday activities or sports performance. It’s not enough to fix an injury; we’ll help equip you with strategies for long-term success—empowering lasting resilience and well-being!


Jeanine Robotti

Jeanine Robotti


Dr. Sarah Rodriguez, DPT

Dr. Sarah Rodriguez, DPT


Dr. Eva Shi, DPT

Dr. Eva Shi, DPT


Dr. Tracey Luong, DPT

Dr. Tracey Luong, DPT


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Physical Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

What is Physical Therapy in Brooklyn?

Physio Logic Physical Therapy Brooklyn is a medical wellness facility dedicated to improving the physical function and mobility of individuals dealing with injuries, disabilities, or medical conditions covering services. Dedicated and skilled physical therapists in Brooklyn closely collaborate with patients to offer individualized treatment plans that cater to their unique needs and objectives. They use a combination of exercises, manual therapy, modalities, and patient education to assist individuals regain their strength, flexibility, and overall functionality, and get them back on their feet doing what they enjoy most.

Benefits of Physical Therapy Treatment in Brooklyn

Physical Therapy in Brooklyn offers a wide range of benefits to patients. Primarily it provides effective pain relief for various musculoskeletal issues, assisting individuals to manage and recover from injuries or chronic conditions of all types. Secondarily, physical therapy helps improve flexibility, balance, and coordination, reducing the risk of falls and enhancing overall mobility getting patients back to doing the day to day. Patients in Brooklyn who undergo physical therapy often experience faster recovery after surgeries or accidents. Furthermore, physical therapy plays an important vital role in restoring independence and functional abilities, empowering individuals to perform their daily activities with confidence in what they used to do.

What do they do in Physical Therapy in Brooklyn?

In Brooklyn, physical therapists carefully check how well patients can move and what they can do physically. They create custom treatment plans individualized per patient with exercises to make muscles stronger, stretches to improve flexibility, and hands-on methods to reduce overall pain and improve joint movement. They also teach patients to use their bodies correctly and be aware of their posture to avoid getting hurt. Throughout the treatment, they keep a close eye on how patients are doing, over the course of the treatments and if needed, they will switch up the plan based on each patient’s progress. Most importantly They support and encourage patients through the process.

Physical Therapy in Brooklyn New York

If you need physical therapy in Brooklyn NY, let us take a look at your case.  Schedule a Call with us or Fill out the form below! We will contact you to design the best physical therapy service that suits your needs! Our pt in Brooklyn are certified and trained to improve your wellness!

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