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MindBodyGreen - 3/19/19

The other day I felt a twinge in my shoulder. At least, I think it's my shoulder—it's that spot between my spine and the curve of my shoulder blade, the area I can barely reach and have never figured out how to stretch. (I usually call it my upper back.) It started hurting, as it does most days, and all I could think about was how I wish I didn't have to sit all the time. - 3/17/19

Doctor/Chef Robert Graham recently held a session at the International Restaurant and Foodservice Show on, “FRESH Food Tips for a Sustainable and Healthy Lifestyle, One Meal at a Time.” He is the co-founder of FRESH Medicine, whose mission is to improve health by addressing the five pillars of well-being: Food, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep and Happiness.

SHAPE - 2/20/19

The expert is breaking down what it takes to earn this staple CrossFit move...and whether Michaels had it right all along.

MindBodyGreen - 2/9/19

If I asked you whether you've ever suffered from chronic neck, back, or jaw pain, I'd be shocked if that answer was no. Most people have. In fact, chronic back pain is one of the most common reasons people go to the doctor.

Runner's World - 1/31/19

It usually goes something like this: You take some time off of running, or maybe you are just getting started for the first time, and you decide to get back out there. You’re motivated, and your intentions are good, so you pledge to get out there every day. First, you walk a little. Then you walk-run. Then you’re full-on running! You’re feeling great. You’re optimistic. And boom—you start feeling pain in your ankles.

Well+Good - 1/30/19

Maybe you know a knuckle-cracker, or maybe you are a knuckle-cracker. In any case, we’re all familiar with the sound: An intense popping or cracking that’s either strangely satisfying or straight-up excruciating, depending on whom you ask.

The Parlor NYC - 1/29/19

A Q&A with NYC Integrative Medicine Expert Dr. Robert Graham

We recently sat down with Dr. Robert Graham, a Harvard trained physician who is Board Certified in both Internal and Integrative Medicine and has over 15 years of clinical experience. “Dr. Rob,” as he is known to his patients, is the founder of the Integrative Health practice, FRESH Med NYC. He is also a trained chef, and one of the leaders of the field called Culinary Medicine.

MindBodyGreen - 1/27/19

If you've ever gone to see a holistic doctor, you know that the experience is very different from that of a conventional doctor's office visit. Holistic doctors are often trained in a variety of alternative medicine modalities, including nutrition, acupuncture, supplements, craniosacral therapy, ayurvedic medicine, and herbalism (just to name a few).

MSN Lifestyle - 1/26/19

Any doctor will tell you they must use the right tool for the job: If a patient's pain is overwhelming, a doctor will have to bring out the most powerful solution—and that can mean opioids, despite the addiction risk of this class of painkillers. But there are safe and sensible ways to use opioids, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outlines.

Men's Health - 1/25/19

When people think about core exercises, they usually imagine exercises that begin in the supine position, or lying on your back. There are some very effective core moves that begin in this position, but they aren’t the only ones that can help you get the abs you want.

Bust out of your exercise funk and challenge your abdominal muscles (all of them) by breaking out these hanging and standing variations of the traditional “core” routine.