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Men's Health - 10/19/2018

I Tried Electrical Muscle Stimulation to Push My Workout to the Max - 11/14/2018

Hop over to JUST's website, and you'll be greeted by a video of a happy chicken named Ian. As he roams through an idyllic field, Ian leaves a single feather behind—a white tuft that becomes a "catalyst that feeds the world." The feather is transported to a lab, where one of its cells is extracted and placed in a nutrient bath to multiply. In the end, that one feather becomes a chicken breast, and then a chicken nugget that people enjoy at a picnic—alongside none other than Ian himself!

SHAPE - 11/09/2018

Do a yoga class then see your physical therapist? At these new facilities, you can do it all under one roof.

Men's Health - 10/23/2018

These yoga moves can help you bulletproof your shoulders for bigger, better lifts.

Men's Health - 10/16/2018

Lately, I don't turn to ice or compression therapy to soothe my aches. Instead, I've been trying out CBD supplements. The cannabis byproduct, also known as cannabidiol, is only one of nearly 100 chemical compounds called cannibinoids found in the plant.

New York Live - 10/09/2018

Sick of Yoga? 3 Unique Workouts in NYC.

Men's Health - 10/03/2018

Don't load up that barbell until you do these 5 moves.

ABC - 09/30/2018

Physio Logic NYC is a holistic healthcare approach to treating the whole body and relying less on medication.

Men's Health - 09/26/2018

For better gains, get more zzz's. - 09/26/2018

A few tweaks to your running routine can make a huge difference.