Working from home can ravage your spine, but good posture can help fix it

While working from home, we tend to throw all sense of workplace decorum out the window. It’s easy to let yourself get into a slump—literally and figuratively. But even in quarantine (especially in quarantine), it’s super important to take care of your body, and posture plays a big role in physical health. So why is it so hard to sit up straight and so easy to slouch?

To explain that, we’ll have to understand what posture is in the first place. Posture generally refers to how you hold your body. Good posture, sometimes called “neutral spine,” is thought to be the optimal position that puts the least amount of stress on your body as you stand, sit, or sleep.

To achieve neutral spine, your head, shoulders, and hips should all be in line vertically when viewed from the side. Your spine should have three natural curves: a slight inward curvature of the neck, the upper back curved gently out, and the lower back curved gently in.