Does Anyone Really Need to Sleep on a Cube-Shaped Pillow?

There is no shortage of stuff that promises to help people get a better night’s sleep. But what is always harder to find are those noise machines, weighted blankets, mattresses, or pillows that actually work. Whether we’re talking to experts about sleep products or testing them ourselves, regular Strategist readers know how much we focus on sleep, which is why our ears always perk up whenever we hear of anything that claims to improve it — like a certain cube-shaped foam pillow some of us have seen popping up on social media. According to Vanessa Osorio, a sleep-science coach at Sleepopolis, “Cube-shaped pillows started to gain popularity over the last year.” Osorio credits this rise to the 2019 launch of the Pillow Cube, a cubed-shaped pillow that Keith Cushner of sleep-product-review website Tuck agrees is “a more recent phenomenon in the bedding space.”