6 Seated Desk Exercises to Keep You Limber at Your Desk

Lynda Gehrman performs desk exercises in Brooklyn NY.

Hours spent glued to a desk chair shouldn’t come at the cost of your fitness.

You might think you can’t get injured while working your office job, says Rudy Gehrman, a chiropractor and the CEO of Physio Logic, a New York City-based physical wellness center. But sitting for long periods, especially with bad posture, will compress your muscle fibers and spine. “That long-term compression and flexion will eventually wear out the discs in your spine and lead to degenerative changes,” Gehrman explains.

But never fear, there are a few simple desk exercises you can do from your chair to keep your body limber and your muscles in good shape. Let’s move through them together with help from Gehrman and his wife Lynda, who runs a Pilates studio.