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FUNC YOU UP! Podcast

The best in wellness, nutrition, and functional medicine in eight minutes or less.

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The best in wellness, nutrition, and functional medicine in eight minutes or less with hosts, Michelle Miller, Functional Nutritionist and Diana Orchant.


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Ep 60: Regenerative Medicine, with Dr. Tanuj Palvia

Dr. Palvia is Physio Logic’s specialist in regenerative medicine and non-surgical orthopedics. Every day he treats different kinds of musculoskeletal issues, from chronic back pain to arthritic knees and everything in between. Does any of that sound familiar to you? Let’s talk about the many moving parts of regenerative medicine, including cell optimization and the body’s ability to heal itself.

Previous Episodes

Ep 59: The 5 S’s of Immunity

Worried about getting sick? There are 5 easy things everyone can do to support their immune system during this cold and flu season and (you guessed it) they all start with S. So let’s talk about them; what to do (and not do) to be the strongest you can be, this year more than ever before.

Ep 58: Let’s Reset!

Maybe you’ve been on vacation, on a holiday break, or just a nice long weekend and now you feel like you need to make up for all that overindulging you did… So how do we get back on track with our health goals, efficiently? We have a list and are checking it, too. So grab a pen (no really, grab a pen) and let’s talk about the most helpful tips we have to set yourself up for success as you reset your body and mind.

Ep 57: Balancing Bacteria

Antibiotics can be lifesavers for many conditions, but the general population is not really aware of the implications of taking them. Yes, they get rid of bacteria. All of it, bad and good. And id you’ve made it to this episode, you probably already know how func’ing important is our good gut bacteria! So let’s talk about how to counteract the effects of taking antibiotics and create a resilient body to come back from that battle.

Ep 56: The Relaxation Mineral

Magnesium is Diana’s favorite mineral because it promotes relaxation in our bodies and minds. So what happens when we don’t have enough of this mineral circulating through? Because our body uses a lot of it, the list is quite long and goes from fatigue to constipation and everything in between. Let’s talk about all the different forms of magnesium (and what they’re good for) and what foods rich in this mineral we all should be consuming more of.

Ep 55: Getting Func’ing Stronger, with Dr. Stefanie Tropea

When we say “strength training” you’re probably picturing professional bodybuilders, and Physio Logic’s Chiropractor and kettlebell master, Dr. Sefanie Tropea, wants you to understand that those are two different things! Let’s debunk weight lifting myths, talk about the importance of weight training at any age, and send a message to all the cardio junkies out there.

Ep 54: The Body Against The Butterfly Gland

Somewhere along the way, something went func’ing wrong, the immune system got confused and started attacking the thyroid tissue cell. This is what happens when you have a thyroid autoimmune disease. But how does that even happen? And how do we approach autoimmunity? Let’s talk about environmental triggers, genetic predisposition, leaky gut, and how to take control of an autoimmune response before it takes control of us.

Ep 53: Let’s Get Fungy!

It’s no secret that yeast can really wreak havoc in our body. From skin issues to chronic fatigue and really, everything in between. We want to cover the basics of this very complex topic: What are fungal strands? What causes yeast overgrowth? Can you get rid of candida by dieting, alone? We’re gonna give you our best advice to fight against this very pesky inhabitant.

Ep 52: The Body is Func’ing Ready to Heal! with Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams

It’s been 1 year of FUNC YOU UP! and we wanted to celebrate our first anniversary by inviting a very special guest, Eric Adams. He is the Brooklyn Borough President and living proof that we truly are what we eat. Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes that pushed him to a completely new journey, he’s here to spread a message of hope, and how to maintain healthy habits by designing a lifestyle that sets you up for success.

Ep 51: What Your DNA Can Tell You About Your Health, with Dr. Patty DiBlasio

What if we told you that we can take a look at your DNA and get enough information that we could build a completely personalized healthcare plan for you? Our guest this week, Physio Logic’s Integrative and Functional Medicine Doctor, Dr. Patty DiBlasio, can do that! Let’s talk about genomics testing, how it helps us identify where we might need extra help, and why everyone looking to optimize their health should get this testing done.

Ep 50: Low FODMAP Diet

If you dabble into the nutrition world, you have probably heard the term FODMAP. If not, well, we’re here to talk about our friends the Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides And Polyols, and the short-term benefits that decreasing the amount of them we eat can have in our gut. So, let’s talk about this therapeutic diet, and why the func it’s so difficult to follow it (yes, even for nutrition professionals).

Ep 49: The Healthy Guide to Snacking

Snacking has always had a little bit of a bad rap, but it can actually be a good thing when done correctly. So, we’re here to teach you how to be a healthier and wise snacker from this day forward. Let’s talk about how to walk the path of nutritional value instead of the one of least resistance (looking at you, candy bar), why snacking needs to be part of our meal prep, and what are the best (and our personal favorite) whole foods to snack on when that cortisol level drops.

Ep 48: IBS is BS

What we mean is that ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome’ is more of an umbrella term based on exclusion that loosely translates to “We’ve ruled some serious stuff out, but we still don’t really know what’s wrong with you and why you have all these symptoms”. Talk about irritating! Even more irritating than taking laxatives every day as the band-aid fix to your IBS, which, spoiler alter: no one should have to live that way. Let’s talk about what good digestion is, why we need to get to the root cause of your gastrointestinal issues (and not just treat the symptoms), and what’s our approach to curing your IBS, for good.

Ep 47: Fat Doesn’t Make You Fat!

So why are we so afraid of consuming fats? Because there are 20 years of “fat-shaming” we’re still brain-washed from. You see, from the late ’70s to the late ’90s the world became obsessed with fat-free diets and the belief that not consuming any fats will make us lean and fit… but that’s not how it works! Spoiler alert: we can’t hack the func’ing system! So grab some almonds and let’s talk about what fats really do to our body, what are the good fats we should be consuming more of, and why we just need to get over it and buy the full-fat cheese (from grass-fed cows, obviously).

Ep 46: Sweet Little Lies

We want to start this by telling you that if you’re debating whether to put a packet of sugar in your coffee or a packet of Sweet’N Low, please just use the sugar. Is it good for you? Not really. But is it a neurotoxin made in a lab by people who just want to make money? Also a no. And that’s just one of the many reasons why we need to stop consuming artificial sweeteners as a “healthy alternative” to sugar. Spoiler alert: they’re not! At all! Let’s talk about what this 0-calories “sugar” is, where we find it, and more importantly, what it is doing to our body and brain.

Ep 45: Let’s Shake Things Up!

Protein shakes and smoothies are one of our favorite ways to start the day out! They’re func’ing delicious, relatively easy to prepare, and, hopefully, provide us with many essential nutrients we need first thing in the morning. But there’s a very fine line between a healthy shake and an adult milkshake, so let’s talk about everything that should (and shouldn’t) be in our Vitamix; from protein powders to MCT oil, and everything in between.

Ep 44: Our Secret for Clear Skin

It’s actually not a secret, and we wish everyone would know it as soon as they start to be aware of their skin. Our skin is our largest organ and is also a mirror of our internal health; so let’s talk about the most important strategies we use for getting to the root cause of skin issues, from ensuring liver detoxification to optimizing blood biochemistry and why the func our cystic acne won’t just go away if we use the trendiest face wash.

Ep 43: It’s Func’ing Dizzying, with Dr. Sarah Rodriguez

The words “Vestibular System” can be very intimidating and sometimes even unknown to most people, but vestibular disorders are quite common and widely under-reported. We’re talking about vertigo, unsteadiness, dizziness, motion sensibility, difficulty focusing on objects, and even hearing loss, that not only affect someone physically but really mentally and emotionally. The head physical therapist at Physio Logic, Dr. Sarah Rodriguez, is our guest this week and she’s gonna help us navigate this complicated and sometimes messy system that oftentimes we take for granted.

Ep 42: Invisible Radiation

If you wouldn’t go inside a microwave, then why the func are you surrounding yourself with radiation 24/7?! When you go for a run, at work, and even at night when you go to sleep… Electromagnetic fields surround us, so let’s talk about why this might be an issue for our health and what we can do to reduce extra exposure in our day-to-day life. No, we don’t have to start living like Amish people, but wired headphones never hurt anybody.

Ep 41: Water You Drinking?

We’ve told you this before and we’ll say it again: stay hydrated! So much of our bodies’ chemical processes require water and our whole body func’ing struggles when we don’t have it. But where are we getting our water from? And what kind of water is the best one for our health? Let’s talk about all the different kinds of water available to us, and how we can make small steps towards better hydration.

Ep 40: Movement is Life, with Dr. Tiffany Gunawardena

Now that we’ve been working from home for over 2 months and we probably don’t have the greatest home office set-up, we wanted to invite Physio Logic’s Chiropractor, Dr. Tiffany Gunawardena, to talk about ergonomics, posture, and why movement is so func’ing important. She shares her favorite tips to support our bodies while we’re at home and explains why we can’t just take Ibuprofen and move on.

Ep 39: Debunking Diabetes

What can we do to take back our blood sugar control? Quite a lot. Because we can’t just func’ing accept that “there is no cure for diabetes” when this is 100% a lifestyle-induced issue! So, let’s go back to the basics of what insulin resistance is, why this is such an important issue (especially in times of COVID-19) for everybody, and what are some of the lifestyle changes anyone can take to prevent this awful disease, including decreasing your sugar intake (even if it’s natural sugar).

Ep 38: U CAN Touch This! with Amy Montia

In a world where our posture is a little func’ed up, our body hurts a lot more and we can’t really book massages, how can we provide pain relief for ourselves and those at home with us? In our most interactive episode yet, our guest, Licensed Massage Therapist, Dr. Amy Montia, guides us through a series of therapeutic exercises that are as good for the body as they are for the soul. So STOP! Sit a bit straighter, breathe a bit deeper, and enjoy…

Ep 37: Silent Killer

In the United States, 1 in 3 adults suffer from hypertension and only half of them have it controlled as most people have no signs or symptoms. That is until like something like COVID-19, or a heart attack happens… But why the func are we living in 2020 with a condition that is preventable? Let’s talk about how to take control of your health and bring your blood pressure down with nutrition and lifestyle changes that don’t include risky medications nor fad diets.

Ep 36: Eating Your Feelings?

As we approach week 7 of quarantine, some behaviors we’ve been practicing during this time will become new habits in a matter of days. Hopefully, most of them are good (like going to bed early), but chances are, some of them could be bad habits, like emotional eating. Let’s talk about what that is, and how to deal with it with a detailed 4 step plan to break the func’ing vicious cycle that has you eating banana bread like there’s no tomorrow.

Ep 35: The 5-4-3-2-1 of Health

Another week at home and we want to share our personal 5 wellness tips to help you stay the best version of yourself during this difficult time. From self-care to nutrition, these are easy tips anyone can (and should) follow. Whether you consider yourself a wellness expert or are just starting your health journey, these will help you navigate quarantine with both your physical and mental health intact.

Ep 34: Small Wins, with Bailey Dougherty

You have everything, and the next day you don’t. We can all relate to that; there’s a lot of fear and a lot of uncertainty around us right now. So how do get out of bed every morning? Our guest, Bailey Dougherty, says it’s because she has the choice to do so. And this week, she shares the story of how an ATV accident changed her life as she knew it, and how she manages every day to get through her new normal; and we will too, because #wereallinthistogether.

Ep 33: Coronavirus, Pt 2

The second part of our at-home COVID-19 special! Mental health is one of the most important pillars of our well-being. So once you know what foods to eat and what supplements to take to empower your own health, it’s time to talk about tips to make sure we maintain our sanity while in quarantine. Remember, you are not alone! So let’s try to pull through this with some new healthy habits and wake up every morning feeling our func’ing best.

Ep 32: Coronavirus, Pt 1

This is a very special edition of the FUNC YOU UP! podcast, coming to you from our quarantined homes where we’re just trying to figure out how the func we come out of this not only healthier but with our sanity still intact, #yourbestself. And, although there is so much we have yet to learn about COVID-19, there are a few things we do know about protecting ourselves and optimizing our health with our nutrition. Let’s talk about what to eat, what supplements to take, and how to use this time to our advantage to give our health a glow-up.

Ep 30: Optimized Deliciousness

Right now in a room somewhere there’s a group of scientists trying to figure out how to make foods as delicious as possible. So func’ing delicious, that with every bite, our body tells us that we need to keep coming back for more… And when that happens, we know we’ve reached the Bliss Point. Let’s talk about what that is, what happens in our brains and bodies and what we can do about it.

Ep 29: The Stress Hormone

Have you ever been to the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon? Yes, that feeling of func’ing fight-or-flight is your cortisol levels going up! But if cortisol allows us to work fast, why does it get a bad rap..? Let’s talk about what cortisol is, what happens when it’s off and what dietary and lifestyle changes can we implement to fix a possible imbalance of cortisol levels in our system.

Ep 28: Allergies, Sensitivities, and Intolerances

Some people are allergic to peanuts, some are sensitive to gluten and many are lactose intolerant. But even though at first this might sound like it’s all the same, there are major differences in these reactions our bodies have towards certain foods. Let’s talk about all these different reactions, how to spot them and how should we address them.

Ep 27: Oh Sh*t!

This is just casual conversation for us; we talk about poop all day long. Why? Simply because it’s very important for our overall health. Let’s talk about how many times a day you should be going to the bathroom, what are some of the causes of constipation and what are some things we can do to just go…

Ep 26: Let’s Get Oiled Up

The oils we use to cook are just as important to our nutrition and health as the foods we’re cooking. Chef Allison Henriques joins us to talk about good oils, bad oils, smoke point and what the func does “organic, extra-virgin” mean? As well as some fun tips to spice things up in the kitchen with some walnut oil and even some sesame here and there.

Ep 25: What’s the deal with the USDA?

In the last episode, we talked about marketing ploys in the food industry. But how did we actually get here? Why do we drink orange juice to avoid getting sick, and why is milk our primary source of calcium? The answers to these questions might shock you, but it has very little to do with our health and nutrition. Let’s talk about the US Department of Agriculture and why a cheeseburger is cheaper than an avocado.

Ep 24: Marketing Ploys, Nutrition Facts, & Labels

America is overfed and undernourished, and marketing campaigns play an astonishing role in this. Let’s talk about the big marketing ploys in the food industry, and why we need to pay attention to ingredients, not labels. Being aware of what labels mean is not only the best for your health, but also for your pocket. Should we over-pay for ‘natural’, ‘fortified’ products and ‘hormone-free’ chicken? And what the func does that even mean..?

Ep 23: Eat The Rainbow!

By now, you probably know that we are completely veggie obsessed, so we want to share with you some of our favorite ways to incorporate more vegetables into our diets. Whether that’s zucchini noodles or cauliflower pizza crust, we just want you to love vegetables as much as we do! Let’s talk about some of the reasons veggies are such a func’ing important part of our nutrition, and why your mom wasn’t lying when she told you they are good for you.

Ep 22: Sugar, Sugar

Let’s get this out of the way: sugar is func’ing bad for you! But we’re sure you know this already and are trying your best to keep your distance from it. So, this week we’re going to talk about some of the places this deadly/addictive food is hiding, as well as some of the effects it has on our bodies.

Ep 21: Head In The Clouds

Have you ever felt like your brain wasn’t working perfectly? You’re not alone, most of us have experienced brain fog at some point. Whether it is the inability to focus, or you feel like needing extra brainpower to complete a thought process. Let’s talk about what brain fog actually is and what are some of the possible triggers that could have anyone feeling like their head is literally, in the clouds. It’s time to wake the func up!

Ep 20: Fake Estrogen

Xenoestrogens are func’ing up our endocrine system so we want you to put on your best detective hat and find them! And we’re going to tell you how. Let’s talk about some of the effects Xenoestrogens can cause, where are they hiding *gasps* and a very helpful everyday tool to make sure you’re not getting inappropriate levels of estrogen in your body (

Ep 19: Stop Calling It A Vegetable!

What we mean is that yes, it is “technically” a vegetable, but compared to let’s say broccoli, corn has very little nutritional value. And we’re not telling you to stop eating it altogether, we just want you to be aware that you’re probably consuming a lot more corn than you realize. These days, corn is literally hiding everywhere from makeup to animal protein, not only in your Tuesday Taco tortillas.

Ep 18: The Butterfly Gland

The Thyroid is located in our throat, and even though it is small it is mighty! Let’s talk about what the thyroid is, why do we need it and what can go wrong with it. Did you know that every single cell in our body has receptors to take in the thyroid hormone? This is why the thyroid is so func’ing important! Because it can really affect our entire system. From energy levels, weight gain and everything in between.

Ep 17: Keto 101

The ketogenic diet is trending for a good reason and we’re here to review all the basics with you. Without getting too scientific, let’s talk about what it is and the effects this diet has on our bodies. Is eating bacon and cheese every day good for you? The func it is. The way we approach keto (and really, any diet) is through real food and high-quality fats, so put your coconut oil away and listen!

Ep 16: SOYou think you should eat this..?

You’re transitioning to a more plant-based diet. Congratu-func’ing-lations! But often with that change, comes a spike in your soy intake. So, this week we’re going to talk about the good, the bad, and the unknown about soy. What are some factors you should consider before replacing animal proteins with soy proteins, what types of soy are ok to consume occasionally (spoiler alert: organic!), which ones to avoid, and what are some other protein plant-based alternatives you should add to your diet.

Ep 15: Intermittent Fasting

If you dabble in the health world (and we think you do), chances are that you’ve heard of intermittent fasting. If you haven’t, this week we’re going to explain to you what it is and how it works. Along with all the health benefits that come with it and what’s the “proper way” to do it. And we say “proper way” because there’s really no black or white way of fasting, you just have to listen to your body and test it out!

Ep 14: A Juicy One!

We hate to break it to you but you don’t need to func’ing starve 5 days on a juice cleanse in order to detoxify your body. A green juice here and there is not a problem, but real food and supplements are the paths you should follow to detox properly. And we’re gonna tell you all about it! From habits to pick up, to foods that promote detoxification and why only drinking juices is not the optimal solution.

Ep 13: Blood Chemistry Detectives

We don’t like to guess, we like to test! So, this week we discuss the importance of blood testing and how we utilize this analysis to prevent diseases (not only to cure them). Even when your conventional blood panel tells you you’re not sick, there are many markers that are often missed and could be the reason why you’re not feeling your best.

Ep 12: Just Sleep On It

Most of us simply aren’t getting enough ZZZs, so this week, we are going to tell you how to get the most efficient sleep. From what to do in preparation for a restful night, to when you should be going to bed. Let’s get some func’ing zzz and talk about Melatonin, blue light, and sleep trackers!

Ep 11: Hacking Your Hangover

We’ve all been there before, asking ourselves why the ‘func’ do we feel so bad after a night of drinking and how do we make it better. Fear no more! Because this week we want to tell you all of our secrets to hack your hangover. Let’s talk about the best way to prepare our bodies with food, how to choose your drink wisely and how to mitigate the effects of alcohol. The only thing better than a hangover cure is knowing how to avoid a hangover to begin with.

Ep 10: What The Func is Gluten?

WTF(unc) is gluten and why suddenly everyone is gluten-free? 1 in 100 people have Celiac disease, but way more people are choosing to avoid gluten altogether (including us!) for many different reasons. For some of us is brain fog, for others is stomach issues or body pain and inflammation. Let’s talk about some of the effects gluten can have in our bodies, where gluten hides and why it wasn’t such an issue before.

Ep 9: Top 5 Inflammatory Foods

Gluten, dairy, soy, corn, and sugar. Should you be consuming any of those? How much and how often? Let’s get func’d about how these foods make you feel. And try a little experiment to find out if any of them are responsible for your muscle pain, fatigue, or swollen knuckles…

Ep 8: Eternal Flame (Up Your Stomach)

You’ve felt it before… the pressure in your chest and that feeling of burning coming up your esophagus: it’s acid reflux! But why does it happen? Let’s get func’d about the root causes of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), what makes it worse and what we recommend to help it.

Ep 7: Prebiotics… The Bouncers at Club ‘Your Gut’

In our previous episode, we got func’d about probiotics and the gut microbiome. Today, we want to teach you how to feed those probiotics and encourage diversity in your gut with prebiotics. What are some of our favorite prebiotic foods, how to create a good environment for the good bacteria to flourish and why it’s so important to rotate the foods in your diet to achieve optimal gut health.

Ep 6: The Bugs in Your Gut

100 trillion bugs make up our gut microbiome, and although we’re just starting to scratch the surface on how this “good bacteria” interacts and affects our overall health, we want to share with you what we know so far. Let’s get func’d up about probiotics! What they are, what they do for us, and how to flourish (and maintain) our gut microbiome through fermented veggies and supplements.

Ep 5: Pump Some Iron!

Iron is not only one of our favorite superheroes, but one of our favorite minerals as it’s an important component of hemoglobin, which carries oxygen from our lungs through our bodies. This week, we talk about how important it is to have good levels of iron in your blood (spoiler alert: very important), tips for better iron absorption through foods and supplements, and why a parasite infection could be the real reason why you’re low on iron even if you’re eating yummy chicken liver every week. Let’s get func’d!

Ep 4: The Scoop on Supplements

We never thought we’d use the phrase “expensive urine” but, we did. We’re talking about nutrition through supplementation. The best way to get nutrients is with a healthy, diverse diet but, there are many factors that diminish the amount of nutrients in our food and our ability to absorb them. We’re going discuss some of those factors and let you know what to look for when adding supplements to your daily routine. It’s time to get func’d up!

Ep 3: Lab Ranges to Live By

In conventional medicine, there are lab ranges for each blood marker that are going to tell you whether or not you have a disease. In functional medicine, however, the ranges are much smaller because the goal is to make sure you’re at your optimal health, not just free of disease. In this episode, we talk about what you should be looking for and why functional lab ranges are important. It’s time to get func’d up!

Ep 2: The Sunshine Vitamin

One of our favorite supplements is Vitamin D. Most people know Vitamin D is good for your bones but it is beneficial in so many other areas of your life. Find out why you should be adding this supplement to your daily regime. It’s time to get func’d up!

Ep 1: Let’s Talk About Meat

Let’s talk about meat. With all the buzzwords out there; organic, grass-fed, pasture raised, it can get confusing trying to choose what’s best for your body. Luckily, we can give you lowdown in about 8 minutes. Let’s get func’d up.