Vitamin IV Therapy
at Physio Logic NYC


  • Dehydration
  • Immune System Health
  • Performance
  • Weight Loss
  • Hangover
  • Cold & Flu

Vitamin IV Therapy is an effective way to correct essential vitamin and mineral intracellular deficits. A “cocktail” of vitamins and minerals are intravenously delivered directly to the bloodstream for maximum absorption.

Vitamin IV Therapy can help prevent and treat the body from chronic conditions and external toxins. Physio Logic treats our cocktails like a boost so you can obtain your optimal health – a boost for the day, for treatment, recovery, or for your future health and wellness goals.

Meet the Functional Health Team at Physio Logic

Dr. Rudy Gehrman, DC


CEO & Founder

Samantha Wineke


Health Coach

Michelle Miller, MSACN


Clinical Nutritionist

Dr. Tanuj Palvia, MD


Spine & Sports Medicine Specialist

Patient Testimonials

“After seeing Michelle for nutrition for a few months, we did a second blood test, and it was great to see such positive results in such a short time.”

Anna B.

“Michelle’s guidance during the Standard Process 21-Day Detox was invaluable, irreplaceable and absolutely necessary to keep me on track and feeling great.”

Jamie S.

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