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At Physio Logic, we perform a number of various in-depth blood panels. As functional nutrition experts, the blood work analysis goes beyond what would typically be tested in a traditional doctor’s office. While still assessing for the absence or presence of disease, we also pride ourselves on discovering trends or patterns that can indicate possible imbalances in the body, in a larger effort to prevent or mitigate disease. This allows us to take a deeper look at a patient and obtain objective data to create a personalized nutrition plan.

Common new client panels include the assessment of:

  • Nutrient status, common vitamins and minerals
  • Various inflammatory markers
  • Blood sugar panels
  • Cholesterol assessments
  • Hormone imbalances (including sex hormones, adrenal hormones, and full thyroid assessments)
  • Kidney, gallbladder, and liver panels
  • Anemia panels

Other specialty tests include: heavy metals, food allergy, and genetic testing.

We invite you to visit our Integrative Nutrition department to learn more about all the services we offer.

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