Why Massage Therapy is an Important Part of Physical Therapy

By: Amy Montia, PhD, LMT. At Physio Logic, most physical therapy patients receive massage therapy (also called...

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Trigger Point Therapy
at Physio Logic NYC

Trigger Point Therapy is used to treat knots in the muscle. Trigger points are palpable hypersensitive knots found in taut muscle bands. They often create a characteristic referred pain pattern and twitch response in surrounding muscle tissue when pressed. To deactivate trigger points, pressure is applied to the knot until a change in the tissue is felt. Deactivating trigger points helps decrease pain and restore circulation in the affected area.

Trigger point therapy (and myofascial release too) can feel pretty intense at times, so these techniques offer a great opportunity to work on improving diaphragmatic breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing (described in an earlier post by me) is a highly efficient form of breathing in terms of O2/CO2 exchange for our tissues, and it helps regulate our body’s nervous system- both key factors for improved sports performance.

Meet the Sports & Medical Massage Therapy Team at Physio Logic

Amy Montia, PhD, LMT


Licensed Massage Therapist

Nicole Kabel, LMT


Licensed Massage Therapist

Stephen Donnelly, LMT


Licensed Massage Therapist

Atsuhiko Kawamura, LMT


Licensed Massage Therapist

Kim Mondo


Pilates Instructor / Licensed Massage Therapist

Patient Testimonials

“I loved the individualized attention. The exercises are performed under close supervision with the rehab techs. I knew I was performing all the exercises correctly thanks to the one on one approach. They were patient with me in explaining the proper form and worked at my pace. The entire staff is very efficient. The wait time is short and prompt. It was very easy to set up appointments. The atmosphere is welcoming and the space is tidy.”

Josie M.

I think Dr. Graham and Michelle are both amazing practitioners and very accessible. I can reach them via email or even a phone call and they will get back to me as soon as they can. Both of them are very invested in me as a person as well as my success with treatment. Where other doctors would give up on me for not showing progress, they keep trying. They will not quit until I get better.

Avery E.

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