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While pursuing a collegiate baseball career and a degree in biochemistry, Dr. Michael discovered a love of health and fitness. While coaching thousands of CrossFit classes and pursuing a national weightlifting career, Dr. Michael attended National University of Health Sciences in 2017 with extensive bio-mechanical and nutritional training. He has treated, programmed, and coached nutrition for everyone from weekend warriors to professional athletes. He believes in challenging the norms of health, fitness and wellness, and that everyone deserves to perform their daily activities efficiently and pain-free.

Dr. Michael is licensed by the National Board of Examiners and the New York Board of Chiropractic Examiners. He is a Rock Tape FMT Certified Practitioner. By treating the root cause of your condition through soft tissue work, chiropractic manipulation, rehabilitation exercises, strength training, and nutrition, Dr. Michael works to get patients out of pain and prevent re-injury from occurring.

Dr. Michael is a current competitive weightlifter and still enjoys coaching group fitness classes.

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