Be Your Present

A slightly skeptical dance student, I stepped into a Pilates studio for my first private lesson at the age of 15. Well, I was in awe, my body and my mind were in awe- like a kid in a carnival, and coming close to my current sense of walking into a well curated shoe department.

Instantly fascinated with the intricacies of such a codified system, curious about the principles, respect for the discipline, and an ever-growing fondness for the freedom it still gives me in my dance and everyday life. I always wanted to teach others to feel their own potentials the way I continue to work towards mine. I wanted to teach other people how good it feels to be truly present and how moments of this create a grounding for other moments in the day where you may feel spread thin.

I can pinpoint now, having added a baby to my life, the true test of time… my training sessions always have been far beyond the endless hard work and application of this work, my training time will always be a present to myself- time to be present. There are sessions where you can’t possibly think of anything else, others where you can process something challenging in life, or redirect adrenaline to build strength. It doesn’t mean tuning out everything else, it simply means tuning in to YOU.

What frustrates most of us is not necessarily having too much to accomplish in the allocated time, it’s when we are not present in the moment or task at hand: for me it could be (has been) writing to you when I should be with my family, managing my home when I’m at the studio, brainstorming a new project while I am teaching, or dealing with a maintenance issue when I should be in a team meeting.

When Clara, my daughter, is yelling at me as I try to answer an email, it’s flustering. But if I put my phone down, it becomes quality time with her instead of wasted flustered time.

We all juggle many aspects of life, we are many things to many people. It might take some practice, but beyond showing up, really allow time with yourself for an hour in the Pilates studio. It will make all of your other time more dedicated and efficient. I promise.

If there are 168 hours in a week, let at least 1, hopefully 3-7 hours a week be focused on you-focusing on you. And feel no guilt.

I am proud that our studio has been that space for so many of you. And it is a gift for our studio family to be guiding you all to your present-YOU.

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