Inside Brooklyn’s amazing new Pilates-physical therapy center

May 27, 2015
By Jamie McKillop

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Pilates Instructor in Brooklyn, New York

When now-married couple Rudy Gehrman, DC, and Lynda Salerno-Gehrman first met in the early 2000s, it was a perfect match, in more than just the romantic sense. The chiropractor and Pilates instructor, respectively, started referring clients to one another and soon began to notice the mutual rehabilitation benefits of pairing physical therapy with Pilates workouts.

Since then, they’ve assembled a whopping 40-person team of like-minded professionals across specialties, which they recently moved into one giant 6,000-square-foot integrative wellness facility over the Shake Shack in Downtown Brooklyn (ironic, we know), called Physio Logic.

It’s like a United Nations of wellness, with chiropractors and a full-service Pilates studio, in addition to functional nutrition, acupuncture, sports and medical massage, sports medicine, pain management, and soon, internal medicine with Dr. Robert E. Graham. (Did we say comprehensive?)

“There’s not one answer to being at your optimum,” says Salerno-Gehrman. “There’s this puzzle we have with the body. It’s about cross-training and finding the formula for you. We give you the tools to figure out what makes you feel your best.”

Salerno-Gehrman Senior Pilates Instructor

Salerno-Gehrman is classically trained in Pilates and has been teaching for 20 years, during which she’s developed what she calls a more “open-minded method.” “We look at each body individually and make Pilates work for that person,” she explains, pointing out that their clients are a really cool mix of young and old, motivated fitness types to injured ones.

Pilates is taught every which way here, in privates and small group Pilates reformer, mat, and props classes, Basi Pilates teacher training, plus yoga and meditation classes come spring. (Salerno-Gehrman also runs a smaller Pilates offshoot on the Upper East Side.)

And the Brooklyn center isn’t your typical (lifeless, depressing) physical therapy facility. The space is gorgeous, with 16-foot ceilings, 360-degree views of Downtown Brooklyn, and vintage mirrors and chandeliers sparkle in the Pilates studio. You’ll feel like you’re checking in for a spa appointment. Oh, and the bathrooms are themed through the decades, with ’20s apothecary, ’50s beach girl, ’70s disco.

The design and the effective, tough Pilates sessions are impressive. (Thankfully, I didn’t have a reason to test out the physical therapy side, but I felt like with this swat team of experts, I’d be in good hands.) And if you’re worried, no, you won’t smell the burgers from Shake Shack below.