7 summer superfoods to snack on this summer

When the clock strikes 2 p.m., and you still have a few hours left until it’s time to hitch a ride home, do you struggle to muster up the energy to push through the afternoon? Perhaps you try going for a walk around the block or blow off some steam on Instagram. Maybe you do a mini-stretch at your desk or even make a visit to the nearby coffee shop. While all of these tactics technically could jolt some energy, the best way to strategize your focus and productivity is via your tummy.

After all, proper nutrition doesn’t just do wonders for your overall health, but it’s a huge contributor to your brain function. During the hottest season of the years, certain wonders from Mother Nature offer the right nutrients to spark creativity and supercharge your attention span. By implementing these superfoods in your breakfasts, lunches or snacks, you’ll set yourself up for a full working day of success.