A fresh start on Monday could lead to a positive outlook all week long

A “case of the Mondays” doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Research conducted by Johns Hopkins found that people are more likely to use Mondays as the day to start fresh and kick off health goals, such as eating plans or exercise regimes. And based on that research, The Monday Campaigns was founded. The non-profit public health initiative is associated with Johns Hopkins and both Columbia and Syracuse Universities. You may know their first campaign—Meatless Monday—but they’ve started a number of other programs.

We’ve partnered with The Monday Campaigns to bring Grok Nation readers new info each month to have healthier Mondays. Read the past Monday posts here.

There are many benefits to starting your week off with a great Monday. Here, we speak about setting this Monday routine with Julie Graham—a Certified Health Coach and co-founder of FRESH Medicine with her husband, Dr. Robert Graham. FRESH is practice that provides an integrative approach to health that focuses on: Food, Relaxation, Exercise, Sleep and Happiness for ultimate well-being. Julie explains how people can manage stress all week long by using Monday as a reset day. [Full Article]