I Tried Cupping During a Massage and It Was Weirdly Relaxing

As you can imagine working at Shape, I work out a lot (last year I ran 45 miles in Africa and the year before that I PR’d my squat at 225 lbs). I’ve learned over the years though, that with great exercise comes great recovery—one of the many reasons I’m a fan of getting regular massages. (Here, more science-backed reasons to book a monthly massage).

The problem? I’m ticklish. Like, so ticklish that I can’t stop squirming, and then stressing about what my massage therapist must be thinking about my squirming. In other words, I tend to think about massages as recovery first, relaxation second.

That’s why I was particularly interested in trying out The Red Door Spa’s new silicon cupping enhancement or what they call “deep tissue in a cup,” which includes both regular cupping (where the cups are left in a stationary position) and slide cupping (moving the cups on the body with oil or lotion) added to any massage for just $25.