Physical Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction? Yes, It’s a Thing.

Due to society’s expectations and rigid gender performance standards, erectile dysfunction (ED) can be a daunting prospect for men. You might think the problem is squarely on something intrinsically wrong with your penis — so you might be surprised to learn that your struggles might be due to an underdeveloped set of pelvic floor muscles.

For most men, the pelvic floor muscles aren’t exactly their priority when hitting the gym for a full body workout — but they should be. These muscles are critical for many essential daily functions, both in the bathroom and in the bedroom. Unfortunately, it’s not commonplace for men to seek out help to strengthen their pelvic muscles.

When men hurt themselves playing sports or otherwise, they’re likely not going to be embarrassed to seek out an orthopedist or physical therapist (PT) for help — but when it comes to an injury or problem with their muscles “down there,” men tend to be a little more… private. [Full Article]