What Your Food Cravings Really Mean

Late-night food cravings are sometimes just that: a craving. But sometimes, a craving means more. Seema Sarin, M.D., an internal medicine doctor for EHE Health, says what we are hungry for can serve a purpose. And more importantly: it could point to deficiencies our bodies may be experiencing.

“There’s a wide network of components in our brain that are involved with food cravings. Lots of research has suggested that specific cravings have a useful function when it comes to regulating our diets,” she explains.

But how do we know what our hankerings actually mean? After all, being in the mood for something once in a blue moon probably doesn’t mean you are lacking vitamins. However, if you simply can’t get enough of something or find yourself salivating for an extended period of time, it is time to think carefully about what it could mean. However, Sarin says food cravings aren’t an exact science, so if you find yourself lusting after these specific nibbles frequently, it is worth a discussion with your doctor to make sure your levels are solid.

Here, a guide to what your taste buds could be saying about your health: