Johna Anderson

Rehab Technician

Johna Anderson is a Rehab Technician at Physio Logic in Brooklyn, NY. Johna is a Maryland native and danced throughout her adolescent years, leading classes and choreographing performances. Her experience with physical therapists in her youth inspired her to pursue the study herself, and she completed her Bachelors in Sports and Exercise Science at Seattle University in 2020.

While in Seattle, they were a leading member of Exercise is Medicine (ACSM) in SU’s Department of Kinesiology and were the Project Assistant for SU’s Wellness & Health Promotion office. During their time at SU, Johna conducted research on the Perceived Rate of Recovery Post-Exercise in Athletes vs. Non-athletes and received an Exercise Physiology Research Presentation Award.

Johna is currently studying to be a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and has two years of experience as a Rehab Technician. She is pursuing a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and aspires to work in performing arts medicine.