Kendra Bova

Nutrition Assistant

Kendra Bova works alongside the Clinical Nutritionist here at Physio Logic. She is passionate about the power of interdisciplinary collaboration to nutrition through helping others utilize food as medicine for the prevention and management of disease and in meeting health goals. Her father is a chef and Italian restauranteur; food has always been her livelihood and connection to the community. She marvels at how it could be both celebratory and help individuals achieve optimal health, inspiring her to further explore the relationship between nutrients and the active body.

Kendra has most recently completed her dietetic internship at the University of Houston, has a Master’s Degree in Nutrition from Hunter College, a B.S. in Exercise Science from GWU, and is a future Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. She looks forward to continuing to use her knowledge, dedication, and compassion in helping individuals shape themselves through dietary influence.