Altamese F.

What were your initial goals coming in to Physio Logic?

I have always been on top of my health and been interested with holistic medicine. I’m a firm believer of food as medicine, so when I met Dr. Robert Graham a few years back, I knew I met my doctor. Dr. Graham isn’t like your traditional doctor in the sense that you feel rushed and can only speak to him for 7 minutes. He takes the time to listen and answer your questions. He understands that my health is the most important thing for me, and he knows how to guide me with supplements, foods I should avoid, foods I should be eating more of, and monitoring my overall progress.

What was the one thing you liked most about Physio Logic?

I like that Dr. Graham works at a practice that offers so many services that work with his approach to health. I actually come in for physical therapy now, and they are excellent. The practitioners here really take the time to help you understand the treatment and what they’re trying to accomplish.

What are the top three benefits from coming to Physio Logic??

1. Everyone takes the time to address your questions and problems. The solutions are holistic and well planned. 2. The staff’s patience. They always seem so calm. It really does help during the process of healing. 3. Dr. Graham and the staff’s knowledge. I feel like I am able to learn so much from everyone here. It is almost like going to school.

Would you recommend the services at Physio Logic to anyone?

Yes, in a heartbeat. I tell people about Physio Logic and Dr. Graham all the time. The physical therapy is excellent too. I feel very comfortable here.