Beth R.

What were your symptoms prior to starting at Physio Logic?
I had an old knee torn ACL and need to strengthen my knee.

What about Physio Logic make you choose us over other rehab offices?
First all the physical therapist are trained Pilates Instructors which is a great foundation for exercise.

Who did you work/ admire at Physio Logic?
I worked with all the Physical Therapist. I appreciated how Erin took the time to contact my trainer to make sure we were all on the same page. Both Molly & Amy the massage therapist aka “body whisper” taught me a lot about my body education and Nya taught me how to push myself past the comfort point.

Why would you recommend Physio Logic to future patients?
Dr. Rudy Gehrman and his wife Lynda gave me personal attention. I like how the owners are involved. I loved everything from the the unique decorated environment to the philosophical approach.