Daniel G.

What were your initial goals coming into Physio Logic? What conditions/injuries did you treated for at Physio Logic?

I came in with patellar tendinitis on my right knee which was causing me severe pain. It was very difficult to get around. I live on the fourth floor of my apartment with no elevator, and I limped around everywhere I went. I’m no stranger to physical therapy. A few years back I came in for the same condition, which got better, but this time around it came back worse than before. I decided to check out Physio Logic after seeing my doctor who prescribed PT for me again. Right off the bat, I knew Physio Logic was not your typical clinic. Their system of communication between doctors and physical therapists is what really stood out to me. All throughout my treatment I was helped by a different physical therapist almost every week, and without skipping a beat, everyone was on the same page. There wasn’t a moment where any of the physical therapists didn’t know what my condition was. I thought that was amazing, especially since my previous experience at other clinics was having to spend 10 minutes explaining my injury to different practitioners each time I went in.

What have you learned since starting your journey here at Physio Logic?

Stretching. You MUST stretch every single day. It’s so important and not everyone does it. Also, that reaching your goals works in phases. Incremental work each day will eventually get you to where you need to be.

What was your favorite part of being our patient?

I can’t say that being a patient is much fun, but the staff at Physio Logic definitely made a difficult experience far easier to deal with. Everyone here is very pleasant. They remember your name. Although coming here and doing the exercises to get better is a lot of work, it’s not nearly as horrible as it could be, because everyone here is so easy going and supportive.

Who stood out to you the most during your treatment at Physio Logic? How did they help you reach your goals?

No one stood out to me simply because everyone was so outstanding. There isn’t one person here that I thought, “Gee, this person doesn’t know what they’re doing!” Everyone here was extremely good at what they do. During my treatment I saw a different physical therapist almost every week. I remember asking, “Why don’t I just see the same person each time I come in?” One of the physical therapists explained, “It’s because each one of us has a different approach to treating the same problem. You get to experience each approach, which all work together to get you better.” I thought, wow, this is definitely a great approach, and I know that it was a major factor to my recovery.