Dolly M.

What were your initial goals coming in to Physio Logic?

I came in to relieve the pain in my shoulder. I originally started with physical therapy. I was making decent progress, but my shoulder was still in pain so they referred me to see the physiatrist, Dr. Hassan. When I saw Dr. Hassan he suggested that I try platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. It feels like it’s working well enough, the pain has diminished, but still persists. I was referred to see Dr. Allison Heffron for acupuncture, and so far it’s been a good experience.

What have you learned since starting your journey here at Physio Logic?

This is the place to come to. They’ve taught me to be able to take care of the pain on my own through the exercises and stretches I learned in PT.

What was your favorite part about being a patient at Physio Logic?

The atmosphere of the place. The knowledge of the practitioners. High level of skill and competence. Megan and Maybelline have helped me with getting the most out of my insurance coverage. It’s amazing how much they know about insurance. They really know what they’re talking about. This may seem random, but I like the fish you have in the waiting area. It’s a nice touch.

Who stood out to you the most during your treatment at Physio Logic?

This is a hard question. Everyone has been great. All the chiropractors, Dr. Stephen, Dr. Ken, and Dr. Mike. I loved seeing Dr. Nya and Dr. Amanda, for physical therapy. The support staff is outstanding. I enjoyed working with Dr. Allison for acupuncture as well.

What activities have you been able to return to since joining Physio Logic?

Well, it’s nice to be without pain for the most part. I have the ability to carefully lift things over my head without much pain. An increased range of motion, also pain free. I feel great.