Jamie S.

What were your thoughts on the 21 day program?

At first I was skeptical but once I committed to 10 days I felt so great and was inspired to complete the full 21 days. It helped me realize I can make healthier eating decisions, commit to an exercise routine and even quit smoking! The decisions aren’t always easy but I know I’ll be better off for them. I’m on track to a healthier lifestyle.

How much weight did you lose?

14 lbs and I’m inspired and motivated to continue my weight loss goals.

What other benefits or changes did you see while on the program?

I have had more energy, slept better and began exercising more frequently. I feel more energized and more focused.

What advice would you give to others planning on doing the program?

Commit to it fully and go in with a positive attitude. You won’t regret it!

Would you consider doing the 21 day program ever again?

Absolutely! It’s a beneficial tool to help kick-start any health and wellness regimen. And what can I say about Michelle’s guidance… invaluable, irreplaceable and absolutely necessary to keep me on track and feeling great. A true pro and an example of how we can all be the best version of ourselves!