Jennifer H. S.

What conditions were you treated for at Physio Logic?

I had a right total hip replacement and came in for physical therapy.

Did any one person stand out to you during your care at Physio Logic? If so, what attributes did you admire most?

Everyone here stands out! The staff is timely, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. I love the fact that they offer the latest methods of treatment here.

What was your favorite part of being our patient?

My overall experience has been great, but I especially LOVE the ambiance of Physio Logic. The massage that follows every session is like icing on the cake! Stephen Donnelly is an exceptional massage therapist.

Did you reach your health goals at Physio Logic?

I am still working towards 100% recovery, but I’ve made great progress thus far.

What activities are you able to return to since transitioning from pain to wellness?

Walking! Walking is my favorite thing to do. It’s necessity to living in NYC, and now I can do it with little to no pain.