Olivia M.

I’ve been suffering from chronic knee pain and wanted to reduce it. Two years ago I came to Physio Logic for care for the same issue and they were very effective. My ACL and tendinitis comes in waves. I come here for general pain management. I have been working with Dr. Ken Brassington for chiropractic care. He is familiar with my case. His treatment included exercises, chiropractic adjustments on my back and hips, and pressure point therapy. After 3 months I felt some relief, it felt controlled. I’m not in pain anymore and continue to come in for maintenance care once a month.

I like the staff here. They’re friendly and helpful. First time I came to Physio Logic 2 years ago I was doing physical therapy and chiropractic. It was a great experience and I’m glad to know that I found a clinic that can help me with my conditions. The quality of care here is what keeps me coming back.

The top three benefits I’ve gotten from coming to Physio Logic are 1. Managing my pain. 2. Having a longstanding relationship with my chiropractor, Dr. Ken Brassington. He understands my case and is very effective. 3. The flexibility of scheduling my appointments. The front desk is excellent.