The Great Reset: Reflections from 40 years as a Physician – Perspectives by Dr. Frank Lipman

By: Dr. Rudy Gehrman.

It was a true honor to present our featured speaker, Dr. Frank Lipman, to our Biohack the World audience, and co-host last week’s show with David Choi, executive producer and founder of Biohack the World, We would like to give special thanks for onsite help to Jordan Crofton and Ronnie Andren for making the evening presentation go seamlessly, and to Alan Sott for spreading the word to make the show a success.

In case you missed Dr. Lipman’s incredible presentation, we will be releasing it shortly for your viewing pleasure. In the meantime, please read below for a summary of our discussion.

Welcome to the 21st Installment of Biohack the World:
The Great Reset: Reflections from 40 years as a Physician
Perspectives by Dr. Frank Lipman

At Biohack the World, we believe that this Great Pause is slowly shifting to The Great Reset, and our perspectives of reality will dictate our future.

What is your perception of our current reality? Is your community upside down, or actually the right side up? It appears that many are struggling with this new reality, and in some cases, this is resulting in poor decision making. In recent weeks, there have been reports from law enforcement of rises in domestic violence, and stories of loved ones taking their own lives. The daily news reports can certainly add to our feelings that our present reality is upside down.

How do we change our reality…..our perceptions… be right side up……to make a long term positive change for the better?

At Biohack the World, we believe we should all lead with love, question everything, learn to be self-sufficient, and become the “do it ourselfer”- the hacker.

Our goal is to give you science-based facts, ideas that elicit questions, and offer possible solutions to restore the homeostasis in your own body, in those close to you, and the environment that surrounds us.

We believe that everyone needs to do their part by uniting, and not armchair quarterbacking. This includes the rich and the poor, Black, white and every color in between, male, female and non-binary, all political parties, conventional, alternative and ancestral medicine, anthropology, science and technology, human beings, and mother nature. Please unite! Our timing is imperative! Future generations are depending on us.

It’s on all of our shoulders, as the collective power to critically think and become part of the solution. Don’t be gaslighted……don’t be fooled to fall back to the old comfortable normal!

We believe it’s time……time for a new normal. As Julio Vincent Gambuto recently wrote: ‘We GET TO Marie Kondo the SHIT out of it ALL.’

At Biohack the World, we know that we have been in a healthcare crisis. Many believe that this is one cause of the pandemic which led to this Great Pause. If we unite together, we can shape what will occur in the Great Reset.

This begins with our own bodies. We must care for ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. Our micro-environments need to be supported. This refers to our own micro-biome: our naturally present and very important bacteria, fungi and viruses that make up our diverse and unique jungle. Or possibly our not so diverse jungle? We will be discussing this tonight with Dr. Lipman.

How we treat our macro-environments, our oceans, atmosphere, soil, and forests is of utmost importance. This affects how we treat our fellow humans and other species on the planet….if you don’t believe me, please take a look at our factory farms in the United States:(

Regenerative farming is a solution to one aspect of our current crisis. Weeds are necessary to maintaining the soil’s ecosystem and a sign that the microbiome is regenerating. Spraying our fields with weed-killing agents is interrupting that natural process and affecting the environmental homeostasis.

Are viruses our weeds–a message to us that we need more diversity and attention to our own microbial world?

As Louis Pastuer noted, maybe our bodies need to be stronger hosts? Maybe we need to be better guests to our host, Planet Earth.

Please be sure to view our full Biohack the World interview with Dr. Frank Lipman for more on this topic.

A little about Dr. Frank Lipman:

Doctor Lipman is a recognized pioneer of integrative and functional medicine, or what he calls “good medicine.” He is the founder of Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City and, more recently, the Chief Medical Officer of The Well. He is the best-selling author of 5 books- How to Be Well, The New Health Rules, Young and Slim for Life, Revive and Total Renewal. Dr Lipman is a sought-after international speaker and has been featured in The New York Times, Vogue, Women’s Health, New York Magazine and O, The Oprah Magazine. He has also appeared as a guest on Today, Extra and The Dr. Oz Show.