Integrative, Alternative, Functional – Oh My!

Integrative Medicine - The union of Conventional Western Medicine and Complementary Medicine |
The union of Conventional Western Medicine and Complementary Medicine.


So, you want to stop popping so many pills. Nice! Now, that that’s settled…

Where to go from here? There’s holistic medicine, you’re pretty sure of that. Although you’re not sure where the “W” went in the start of that word, you like the idea that the Whole body might one day function in harmony.

Ok, that’s a good start. But there’s also something about integrative medicine. Which is not to be confused with alternative medicine or functional medicine or even complementary medicine. Best to just close your eyes and draw from the homeopathic hat at this point, right?

Not quite! With great power comes great responsibility, said either Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben or 17th century philosopher Voltaire. Two credible sources, you must admit, and it is true that to transition from an allopathic to homeopathic approach to your health is indeed to gain great power and accept great responsibility. So, no, you cannot just close your eyes and draw from the homeopathic hat. Caution is not disposable, and you need not throw it to the wind. Instead, you seek to understand your options:

Holistic Medicine

Honors the whole being: mind, body and spirit – so that when duty calls and they need to step up to the big stage, they look less like The Three Stooges and more like Destiny’s Child. Holistic medicine is seen as more of a lens through which medical professionals can always look while practicing the subsequent forms of medicine. Such as…

Integrative Medicine

The union of Conventional Western Medicine and Complementary Medicine (in many which ways!). Lifestyle choices are written in permanent ink beneath the heading: Things That Really Matter, and the physician works together with patients to honor the complicated (yet beautiful!) collages of mind, body and soul that they are (or that they make up as a whole) and choose appropriate treatments.

Complementary Medicine

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), these are the non-mainstream medical practices you add to, ahem, complement the conventional stuff (the pills, operations, medications and all that jazz).

Alternative Medicine

Those same complementary practices, only without all that conventional jazz. Now, because they’re not anyone’s trusty sidekick, it’s Alternative.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine - Medical approach which includes teamwork between patient and doctor to return the body to optimal function |
Functional Medicine

The 21st century spin on conventional medicine, which includes teamwork between patient and doctor as they both use a systems-based approach to return the body to optimal function. If the disease were a plant, functional medicine would tend to the roots, rather than just maniacally snipping off the hopelessly symptomatic leaves.

And all of this stands beside…

Conventional/Allopathic Medicine

Which saves lives but doesn’t necessarily nourish them. It might scoop you, a delicate flower, from the menacing advances of a tractor, but it won’t bother to inspect the soil to which it relocates you. Often this means you (the floral patient) find yourself in a brand new gravely mess.

FRESH Med at Physio Logic

The FRESH Med team must confess to being slightly guilty of cherry picking. Meaning: An intellectual devouring of the latest scientific literature, plus a thorough consideration of all the options, before a tossing of the best ingredients into one FRESH concoction. Stirred gently on low heat, the product of this medical recipe bears an uncanny semblance of Physio Logic.

The FRESH Med NYC Team…

Dr. Robert Graham, Harvard trained physician, Board Certified in both Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine and currently studying with the Natural Gourmet Institute to become a chef.

Julie Graham, Certified Health Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher and Positive Psychology Practitioner with certifications in Meditation and Aromatherapy.

Clinical Nutritionist Michelle Miller, MSACN, and the whole team of Physio Logic’s exceptional Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Massage Therapists, Pilates Instructors and Care Managers.

Each of the aforementioned specialists shares the same goal: To find the best combination of all these options with you, the one that will lift you to your optimal state of wellbeing.

You’re familiar with Synergy: The combined effects of two or more organisms to produce a greater result than each would achieve individually. That’s what FRESH Med at Physio Logic is all about!

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