7 Ways to Treat Your Feet During Marathon Training

And when they’re being stuffed into sneakers and forced to hit the pavement over and over again, problems are likely.

When you break down the gait cycle (the repetitive process of stepping with one foot and then the other) you realize how much your feet actually go through when you run. For starters, running is a one-legged sport—the time spent on one leg during each stride is one of the major distinctions between running and walking. With running, you leap and land with all your weight on one foot. In doing so, the feet transform from soft, malleable landing pads to rigid levers designed to help propel your body forward. (This transformation is known as the Windlass mechanism.)

Since your feet are the only contact point between your body and the ground (let’s hope!), that connection needs to feel good and strong or you, your feet, and your running performance will suffer. So show your feet some love by incorporating some of these seven practices into your routine. After all, they are what will carry you across every finish line—they deserve some TLC. [Full Article]