Amanda J.

What were your initial goals coming into Physio Logic? What conditions/injuries did you treated for at Physio Logic?

I came in to Physio Logic to get treatment done on my left foot. I’ve been dancing for years. Over the years my hours of rehearsals and wearing tight forming fitting shoes began to take its toll on my feet. The stress on my feet eventually caught up and I began feeling a sharp pain under my foot during rehearsals. I ignored it and worked through the pain. Then the pain would happen while walking for a while. I ignored it still. It wasn’t until I began feeling the pain under my foot from just doing normal activities, like just standing there in place. That’s when I started to worry. I went to my doctor, got an MRI done, and he found a neuroma (“pinched nerve” benign growth of nerve tissue) that had developed under my foot.

What have you learned since starting your journey here at Physio Logic?

I’ve been to many physical therapy clinics in the past. Too many actually [laughs]. A few were okay and a few really stunk. I understand why physical therapy is important for me, though, so that’s why I decided to give Physio Logic a try. What I like about Physio Logic is that they break down the recovery process in phases. I know exactly where I am at all times and what I’m working towards. I’ve learned that recovery takes time. You have to be patient. You have let your body heal itself, and that will only happen with time.

What was your favorite part of being our patient?

People. Definitely the people that work here. From all the chiropractors that treated me to Becca (rehab tech) to the front desk. Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable here! I loved learning about the different kinds of stretches, the importance of icing, and the exercises. Especially the calf exercises. I can see that people love what they do here. It’s inspiring to see people who are passionate about their work, even if it doesn’t make sense to me. Like Dr. Szaro and his Graston tools. I can see that he cares a lot about these techniques and loves to explain how each technique will help me. Dr. Ken Brassington is very methodical, and liked explaining to me how the entire body is connected. It’s amazing to see him work. It’s like he sees all these different connections so clearly and knows exactly what step to make next.

Who stood out to you the most during your treatment at Physio Logic? How did they help you reach your goals?

Dr. Stephen Szaro and Dr. Ken Brassington. Both are results oriented and very passionate about their work. They take their time to get the best results for me.

What activities are you able to return to since transitioning from pain to wellness?

I’m still in my treatment phase working on this neuroma, but I’m very optimistic about reaching my goal living pain free. I can rest easily knowing that I have a whole team who cares about me recovering and working really hard to get those results. I think I’ll be good to go in another 2-3 months.